Daily Archives: March 13, 2014

80s Awareness (Video)

This is essentially the entire 80s wrapped up in one nonsensical rant delivered by 80s icon Kevin Bacon (who still looks really good by the way). This video has been making it’s rounds on the inter-web this week and I thought what better way to celebrate Throw Back Thursday than with this awesome 80s awareness message. It’s hilarious to listen to him tell the millennials about what it was like growing up in the 80s. Everything from calling house phones, skateboarding to blockbuster, the cold war,  and parachute pants makes it into his heart felt speech.

If you guys grew up in the 80s then you definitely know what he is talking about in this. In fact it got me a little misty eyed thinking about all the great things of the 80s that my kids are never going to experience. So if you guys want to spread 80s awareness then check out the video below and be sure to share this post with everyone you know. Because together we can bring 80s awareness back to this generation…Enjoy.