Guardians of The Galaxy Official Trailer (Video)

Some how I missed posting this yesterday and for that I’m truly sorry Nerd Nation. Finally after all this time we get our first official full length trailer for Guardians of The Galaxy. I wasn’t sure that I was going to like this movie and I really knew nothing about the characters but this definitely looks very entertaining. Now we don’t get to see much action from this trailer, but that’s OK. I already love Star Lord and his quest to become a famous outlaw. This honestly seems like a fresh new series that Marvel needs rather than making drastic changes to old favorites to make them feel fresh.

As far as how the characters work together on screen remains to be seen. I’m not sure I’m that impressed with Drax The Destroyer’s look. I understand why they got Bautista to play him, but it just seems like there is something missing for his look. I mean technically there really isn’t because in the comics he’s green, ripped, and has some red markings on him but I’m not so sure how well that translated to the big screen. I don’t know just feels like there is something missing (and don’t tell me acting talent) when I look at Drax.

Anyways, check out the first official Guardians of The Galaxy trailer and let me know what you think. Are you excited for this film and are you a fan of the comic series as well. Leave me a comment below or on the Facebook page telling me what you think after seeing this “full length” trailer from Marvel…Enjoy!

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