Daily Archives: February 18, 2014

Walk Your At-At

A friend sent me this earlier and I thought I would share it with you guys. I know it’s cold out there friends, but try to walk your At-At out at least once during the day. Like I’ve said before, they are cute when they’re little, but a ton of problems when they get bigger.

Guardians of The Galaxy Trailer Teaser (Video)

I never thought I’d see the day when our movie trailers had trailers. This seems to be somewhat of an annoying trend that big movie companies are going with these days. We heard that Marvel would finally be releasing an official Guardians of The Galaxy trailer today and we are met with a fifteen second teaser that will prepare us for the real trailer that is coming later on…today. Just give us the damn trailer already! I don’t know, maybe I’m just not “with it” anymore because I think this is soooo stupid. I don’t need a preview of my preview Marvel.

Yes I know we’ve had “teaser trailers” for movies for a long time now, but Marvel is actually releasing shorter trailers announcing the arrival of a real trailer usually within a day or two of the trailer’s release. I’ll admit it is cool that we’re finally getting to see some official footage from the movie, aside from the leaked footage that we saw last year. It’s kind of funny how much hype there has been for this movie when most of the people I have talked to really know little to nothing about these characters or their story line, myself included.

Anyways, if you haven’t seen the fifteen second preview for the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer then fear not because I have posted it below for you. Give it a watch and as always let me know what you think. Like I said, there will be a full length trailer (I can’t believe that’s actually a thing now) coming later on today so I’ll post that up for you guys as well. Leave me a comment below or on the Facebook page and enjoy the…teaser…for the trailer.