Star Wars: The Lost 1980’s Anime (Video)

Trembling eyes, laughing evil villains, and transforming vehicles! These aren’t typically the things we think about when we Nerds think about Star Wars. However, someone starting thinking outside the box and wondered what would Star Wars look like if it were a cliche 80s anime cartoon.

I’m honestly surprised something like this never existed considering the Ewoks and Droids both had their own cartoons back in the 80s. Those were terrible shows but we watched them with delight every Saturday morning. Actually I only remember catching them back when they were in syndication on the Sci-Fi channel. Anyways, if Star Wars was actually an 80s anime series you can bet your sweet ass I would have watched it. Hell, even after watching this short video from Nacho Punch makes me wish that it was.

I know this video was meant to be a bit of a spoof, but honestly it’s actually pretty cool. Also, have you ever noticed that all 80s anime seemed to be drawn the exactly the same. Kinda weird how much the art styles have changed over the years. Anyways, check out this funny but cool video on Star Wars: The Lost 1980’s Anime. Let us know your thoughts by leaving us a comment below or on our Facebook page

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