Star Wars Rebels: Astro Droid Chopper (Video)

So I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m pretty excited for the new Star Wars: Rebels animated series that is coming out. I like that it takes place between episodes three and four because the art style is much closer to the original films than the prequels were. This is made obvious by the design of their new Astro droid Chopper. Just by looking at him you can see the much more industrial look and feel to him which I love. This little video kind of introduces him a bit and explains what kind of role he will be playing in the new series.

It’s pretty obvious that he is going to be some of the comic relief in this new series much like R2 was in the first films, so you kind of already know what to expect with that. However, this little droid seems to have a bit more fire to his personality and it sounds like he might cause more problems for the rebels than he fixes. So far I am actually really pleased with the designs that I have seen for this new show and Chopper is no exception. This gives me hope for the theatrical release of Star Wars Episode VII because it hopefully means that Disney is understanding what the fans want to see.

Anyways, check out this video introducing the Grumpy Astromech Droid “Chopper” and let me know what you think. Do you guys like the direction this show is going and how do you feel about this droid design? Leave me your thoughts in a comment below or on the Facebook page.


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