Sly Cooper Movie Trailer (Video)

This is actually some pretty cool news. Apparently director Kevin Munroe who you might recognize his work from the 2007 TMNT movie has been and continues to work on a Sly Cooper movie. The official title is actually just “Sly Cooper”. I was never a big fan of the games but I am pleased to see this purely for nostalgia’s sake. I think the only game of his that I played most of the way through was Sly 2: Band of Thieves and that was only because there were no other games I hadn’t played at my local Blockbuster.

The weird thing about this movie is that there is already a two minute trailer out for it, but it’s apparently not going to be released into theaters until 2016. That’s kind of a long time to wait for a movie that doesn’t have a huge and already existing  fan base. I mean Pixar has announced Finding Dory for 2016 but all they have given out is a short teaser and there are millions of Nemo fans that are excited about it. 

If you guys remember last year in 2013 a Ratchet & Clank movie was announced for 2015 so I guess it’s cool that they are making these movies, but it’s kind of weird that their release dates are so far out. Anyways, check out the new trailer for Sly Cooper and let me know your thoughts Nerd Nation! Did you play any of the Sly Cooper games on PS2 or PS3? If so which was your favorite and are you excited for this movie. Leave me a comment below or on the Facebook page.


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