Mega Bloks Halo: Assault on Squad 45 (Video)

So over the Holidays I spent most of my time building vehicles and play sets for my son who badly wanted just about every Mega Bloks Halo set imaginable. Needless to say myself and Santa are not ones to disappoint so he did end up with quite a few. However, I really had no clue that my son of 7 was not going to have the skills or patients to put together all of those sets…Especially the bigger ones. He does fine on some of the small stuff but (like most parents) it became my task to sit there and put them all together.

Once I built these different vehicles and sets, I had absolutely no desire to let him play with them because I felt so accomplished that I now wanted to display them for all to see. Obviously, that didn’t happen and so far he has enjoyed countless hours of fun without breaking any of them. It’s honestly fun to watch and join him in the many battles he puts together on his bedroom floor. I say all that because I came across this awesome little Halo Mega Blocks video that I wanted to share with you.

It’s a short film that I believe was created either for or by Mega Blocks themselves. Apparently it is “A compilation of the first four episodes of the incredibly popular toymation series, Mega Bloks Halo: Assault on Squad 45.” At least that’s what it says on their YouTube page. After putting the few vehicles and sets that I did together, I now have a much greater appreciation for how much work probably went into making this video. The effects are cool, the battles are on a very large scale, and the story its self isn’t half bad.

So check out this really cool stop motion video of Mega Bloks Halo: Assault on Squad 45 and let us know your thoughts. Would you like to see more videos like this made and have you built any of these cool sets yourself? Leave us a comment below or on our Facebook page.

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