Ghost in The Shell Live Action Movie

So apparently there is a live action adaptation being made of the popular Anime movie Ghost In the Shell. I personally loved that movie and it was one of the films that inspired my love of anime. In fact I still own it on VHS. The first animated film was release in 1995 and based off the Masamune Shirow manga of the same name. It inspired a sequel and a well received anime series. The big news in not necessarily that it is being made into a live action feature film, but who has been chosen to direct this new project.

Well it appears that Rupert Sanders will be the one to man the captains chair for this en devour. Who’s Rupert Sanders you ask? Well, he would be the one who directed a film titled “Snow White and The Huntsman”. Now I know a lot of people like to bash this movie, but I actually thought it was a pretty unique and innovative take on a very old and well known fairy tale. It’s hard to find a different and entertaining way to retell a story that so many have heard time and time again. So far DreamWorks has been developing the project, and they already have a screenplay written for this movie. I am definitely interested in seeing what Mr. Sanders can bring to this film. However, my real fear is that no director can really do this film the justice it deserves.

The original anime was so ground breaking in it’s visual story telling and the social undertones. It was ahead of it’s time and I’m afraid its going to be another Ultra Violet or Eon Flux type of movie. I guess only time will tell how this thing will actually turn out. As always I want to know your thoughts Nerd Nation. Are you excited for a live action Ghost in The Shell movie and do you think Rupert Sanders has what it takes to make this thing as good as the anime was. Leave me your thoughts in a comment below or on the Facebook page.

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  1. Jamie says:

    Is it action or porn?

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