From Dusk Till Dawn Reboot (Video)

I’m sure most of you remember the 90’s cult classic vampire flick From Dusk Till Dawn by Mr. Robert Rodriguez. If you for some reason you have not seen that movie, I highly recommend that you go check it out especially after reading this post. I for one love that movie from the casting, to the story, and especially Salma Hayek *Drool*. Anyways, I’m not here to reminisce about the 1996 movie but instead I’m here to talk about the upcoming reboot to the movie.

Now there were a couple sequels made after the first one but I personally have never seen any of them. The original was an awesome movie and I think it must have been hard to connect two sequels to it. You might know what I’m talking about if you’ve seen the first one and how it ended. However, the most surprising detail about this reboot is that it is actually being made into a TV series. They are recasting all of the characters from the original movie and taking it to the small screen. At first I was a little worried about this because I’m not exactly sure how they could stretch this thing out into and entire TV series unless they did a prequel, but then there wouldn’t be any vampires in it.

The good news though, is that Robert Rodriguez himself green lit this project and will actually be involved in the making of it. As of now we know that D.J. Cotrona will play Seth Gecko (George Clooney’s character) and Zane Holtz will play his brother Richie Gecko (Quintin Tarantino’s character). These two don’t really look anything like their original counterparts but I think their dynamic on screen will be what determines if this show is going to be good or bad. Also they have gotten Eiza Gonzalez to play the sexy stripper vampire, but I’m sorry to say that she is no Salma Hyek.

From Dusk Til Dawn The Series will premier March 11th on El Rey Network. I can’t say I’ve ever watched anything on El Ray Network, but I guess I have a reason to check it out now. As always we want to know your thoughts on this? Does this sound like a show you will want to watch? Check out the trailer below and leave us a comment on here or on our Facebook page. Enjoy!

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