Attack On Titan Live Action Commercial (Video)

As most of you know I am a huge fan of the anime series Attack on Titan. I’ve heard of a possible Attack on Titan live action movie that could be in the works but there aren’t many details on it..At least none that I could find. Also, I know that the movie is set for a Japan release so most likely we won’t see it here in the states unless we find somewhere to download it or buy it online when it comes out on Blu Ray. However, there has been a little sample that was given out of what the movie will look like, and it comes in the form of a Subaru commercial oddly enough.

Shinji Higuchi is one of Japan’s top special effects supervisors and he has put together a little sample of what the Titans will look like for his up coming theatrical release. I have to admit that these things are just as terrifying if not more than I imagined them to be if they were real. Higuchi has done a spectacular job of staying true to the look and feel of the Titans from the anime series. Honestly, Hollywood directors could definitely learn a thing or two from him because the Titans definitely look like they could be real, yet still hold true to their features from the anime.

Check out this short commercial and pay attention to the details in the Titans. Based off this small sample do you think that Attack on Titan will make a good live action film? Leave me a comment below or on the Facebook page telling me your thoughts.


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