Daily Archives: January 30, 2014

Ghost in The Shell Live Action Movie

So apparently there is a live action adaptation being made of the popular Anime movie Ghost In the Shell. I personally loved that movie and it was one of the films that inspired my love of anime. In fact I still own it on VHS. The first animated film was release in 1995 and based off the Masamune Shirow manga of the same name. It inspired a sequel and a well received anime series. The big news in not necessarily that it is being made into a live action feature film, but who has been chosen to direct this new project.

Evil Empire?

Stuff like this makes me laugh because I can’t imagine that every signal employee of the empire is evil. I’m sure most of them never actually gave it much thought. Anyways, it has been a tough day and this put a smile on my face. I hope it puts one on yours. Happy Hump Day Nerd Nation!