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Geek Ink

Geek Ink! Now those are some sexy storm troopers and one hot Bounty Hunter. They can capture me any day of the week…Why yes ladies I am the droid you’ve been looking for. Oh and don’t forget to click the image to enlarge it 🙂

Michael Bay Ruining Shredder?

So as most of you know by now we here at Nerdgasm Needs don’t really like to deal in rumors too often, mainly because there are too many to keep up with and more often than not they turn out to be false. I’m sure by now many of you have heard several rumors concerning Michael Bay’s up coming TMNT reboot that might have been a bit unsettling to you. In fact, we covered some of the most prominent rumors in one of our Podcasts and even a couple that turned out to be true. Click Here to listen to that podcast.

So I had to say all of that, to say this; I wanted to bring you another rumor that I have a feeling might actually be true. So far there is no proof that I’ve seen to make this rumor true, but I have a gut feeling. This story originally came from Idle Hands, a collectibles and toy blog. Apparently they have seen the final design for Michael Bay’s Shredder in action figure form. Needless to say they were less than pleased with what they saw.

From Idle Hands Blog;
This guy looks like he owns stock in the Ronco knife company! Pointy edges coming off of absolutely anything. He’ll be the stuff of ridicule for some time. Very overcomplicated outfit.
–  Helmet is pseudo-traditional, adopting elements of the classic look (mostly the shape and key elements) with the top coming down over the eyes to the nose. Mouth area is recessed.
–  Describing the rest of this armor is a nightmare. Suffice to say, even though he’s covered head to toe in metal armor or blades, his arms are still mostly bare. It’s a bit comical. He’s got the shoulder pieces with the blades coming off them, the shin armor with the blades coming off them, black armor areas to offset the steel parts and a cape that looks metal with blades coming down the side. I’d expect we’ll see him whip that around in battle.
–  His only weapons (beyond his whole body) seem to be the bladey thingies coming off his forearm armor. The one on his right arm seems incredibly complicated..maybe a spinning blade?

“IF” this story turns out to be true, then I’m sorry to say that this movie might be doomed before it even hits theaters. I wanted so bad to believe that this movie could actually be good, but from changing Shredder’s name and ethnicity, and now this I am really beginning to lose hope. I’m not a huge fan of what Bay has done to the iconic Transformers though I have been able to take them for what they are worth and appreciate some of the nods he gives to the original series. As always we want to know your thoughts. Tell us what you think about Shredder’s new look based off the description above, and leave us a comment below or on our Facebook page.

Happy Friday!

Blow the whistle because it’s the last day of the of the work week…At least I hope it is for all of you. Happy Friday Nerd Nation!