Official Godzilla Trailer (Video)

Though technically not a giant robot Godzilla is giant and fits right in with Giant Robo Tuesday. That being said after watching this trailer, I’m not sure how to feel. It seems pretty much just like the Godzilla movie from the 90s. Even how the monster actually looks. They made him look almost exactly the same. Unfortunately this doesn’t look like anything we haven’t already seen with the first Godzilla movie or Cloverfield.

Seems like the same old remake of a remake. Godzilla shows up, destroys city, soldiers try and fight him with no luck. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was pregnant in this one too. Also, from what I could see the Lizard itself looks more like the 90’s version than the original especially with the longer snout. Although they don’t give us the most clear look at him in this trailer so I could be wrong about that. I think I would have rather seen something more innovative done with Godzilla rather than a remake of a remake. He’s fought several other creatures and with the success of Pacific Rim it might have been cool to see him protect a city rather than be the sole destroyer of it.

However, I have heard he might fight another creature in this one so who the hell knows…As always we want to know what you think about this trailer. Do you think this is a movie you ill see in theaters and if so what is it that draws you in? Leave us your thoughts below or write us a comment on our Facebook page. 

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