Life Sized Anime Mech


Continuing with our Giant Robo Tuesday, this story will fit right in. For some of you anime fans out there the mech in the pictures might look a little familiar to you. Earlier this year a life sized Ingram Mech from the anime Patlabor: Mobile Police showed up in Japan. It’s actually a prop from a live action movie based on the popular anime series from the early 1990s. It was announced at the 2013 Tokyo Anime Fair that Tohokushinsha Film Corporation will be making the live action film set to release in 2014.

I have seen a bit of the anime and have seen the feature length animated movie. The story is interesting but what drew me to this anime the most is the giant mechs that the mobile police get to pilot. looking at the pictures it is easy to see the attention to detail the creators put into making this awesome piece of artwork. I can only assume that this is based off of Alphonse who just so happens to be the name of the Ingram Mech piloted by the protagonist of the series. There are some subtle changes to the mech design but that can be expected when in comes to a live action adaptation. honestly though this thing looks like it jumped right off the screen of the anime series.

As exciting as this is I don’t have many details on the actual movie. You can probably be sure that it will be limited to an exclusive Japan release since the anime series never really became popular with audiences here in the states. I have seen somewhat a trailer on YouTube, but I was very unimpressed with it. I’m hoping that is just some very early CGI footage because it looked like a trailer for a Playstation 1 game. Anyways take a look at the pictures below and let us know what you think. 

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