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Brian Lives! (Spoilers)

So as most fans were speculating, Seth MacFarlane did not keep Brian Griffin dead in case you missed last night’s episode of Family Guy entitled “Christmas Guy.” There were many conspiracy theories going around about if Brian would return and how it would happen. Well many fans guessed Brian’s return would have something to do with Stewie’s time machine. If you were one of the people who made this guess initially then congratulations, you were right.

In last night’s Christmas Guy episode of Family Guy, Stewie told a mall Santa Claus that his best friend Brian back for Christmas. Stewie burst into tears, and Santa was confused because he thought that Stewie wanted him to put a dead dog under his Christmas tree. Vinny the Dog winds up taking Stewie shopping for toys at the mall to cheer him up. While at the mall Stewie spots his past self, who traveled to the future to buy a Christmas toy. Stewie realizes that his time machine is in his past self’s backpack, so he has Vinny steal the backpack. Stewie then uses the time machine to travel to the past and saves Brian before he get hits by a car.

Seems like pretty predictable way to bring a character back (by using a time machine) but I guess that’s the good thing about animated TV shows. The most interesting part about all this is that Mr. Seth MacFarlane himself had a message for all the Family guy fans. After the episode aired he took to his twitter account and wrote the following message; “And thus endeth our warm, fuzzy holiday lesson: Never take those you love for granted, for they can be gone in a flash.” A good lesson indeed especially in light of recent events of Paul Walker’s untimely death.

22 Jump Street Trailer (Video)

I just recently watched the first 21 Jump Street movie and for what it is, I thought it was pretty entertaining. Obviously it was very loosely based off the 1980’s TV series starring Johnny Depp, but for those of us that actually remember the show there was really nothing there that was going to take us back to that. In some ways that’s not actually a bad thing. That being said the movie was a success and made their respective studios a nice little profit. The result is that they have decided to grace the world with a sequel cleverly named “22 Jump Street.”

From the trailer the movie pretty much looks like it follows the same plot as the first movie except that this time they are in college instead of high school, which only makes sense. It’s even complete with “you look to old to be here” jokes. I guess what surprises me is not that they made a sequel, but how excited fans are for this movie. Reading the YouTube comments for this trailer really had me scratching my head. Maybe I’m just an old Fuck now in my 31 years of age and don’t really get the appeal, but this movie looks like a rental at best.

Anyways, it’s not important what I think about this movie because I want to know what you think Nerd Nation! Check out the trailer below and leave us a comment on our Facebook page…or on here of course. Does this look like a movie you are excited to see and did you enjoy the first one enough to want them to make a sequel?


HA! Snow Trooper. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and I don’t know about you, but I’m excited. Happy Monday Nerd Nation!!!