Daily Archives: December 11, 2013

Trooper vs Trek

This had me dying when I read this. I mean look at red shirt’s face, it’s so dramatic just like the deaths in the original Star Trek series. The whole thing is just funny because it’s so painfully true. As much as we want to take sci-fi seriously, sometimes it’s just impossible.

Edge of Tomorrow Trailer (Video)

I didn’t think it was possible but Tom Cruise is finally starting to look old. Don’t get me wrong he still looks great and I really love a lot of his movies, but it’s plain to see in this trailer that the years are starting to catch up with him like they do for the rest of us. That being said he doesn’t seem to be making many new fans especially with the ignorant shit that keeps coming out of his mouth as of late. However, that still takes nothing away from his acting ability. I haven’t heard much about Edge of Tomorrow, though I did see some early screen captures from this movie last year.

Over all this movie looks interesting but I’m still trying to figure out what the damn thing is about. This trailer almost looks like it’s showing us two completely different movies, both of witch look intense. From what I understand Tom Cruise plays a Lt. Col. Bill Cage who is fighting a powerful alien enemy but is killed on his very first mission. From there he is inserted into a time loop that makes him relive this battle over and over again, each time increasing his combat skills and getting him closer to victory.

Again this sounds interesting but is a little disappointing since I was under the impression that this movie was going to be different. Like I said I hadn’t heard much about the movie so I pretty much came to my own conclusions based off the little I did hear, but this looks nothing like what I was expecting. Still it might be worth checking out. Anyways check out the trailer for Edge of Tomorrow and let us know your thoughts by leaving us a comment below or on our Facebook page.

Gundam Cosplay

We’re gonna cap off our Giant Robo Tuesday with an awesome Coplay of The Day. Check out this amazing Unicorn Gundam suit! The detail is amazing and comes complete with working Leds in the eyes and the on the body. usually with costumes this size it’s hard to keep everything proportionate but they did an amazing job on this!