White Ranger vs Scorpion?!?!

This is kind of a weird match up. I’m not sure how Bat in The Sun chose these two for their “Super Power Beat Down”, but match ups like these make things more interesting. Now as much as I am a fan of the Power Rangers and Jason David Frank I have to say that the White Ranger seems like he would be at a distinct disadvantage because he’s not killer where as Scorpion made a living off of being a killer.

When it comes to martial arts skills, I think they might both be pretty evenly matched. Scorpion has spent his entire youth training in the deadly arts and only a worthy warrior can be chosen for The White Ranger. Now when it comes to straight up raw Power I think I’d have to give the edge to the White Ranger. While scorpion has a pretty strong arsenal of supernatural powers, he’s still able to be beaten by humans with no powers. Needless to say this is definitely one of the most interesting match ups Bat in The Sun has come up with yet.

As for the video itself these guys never disappoint. The martial arts used for the choreography is fast paced and intense. The special effects are well done and most importantly not over done to make this video look to amateur. The only thing I didn’t like was the voice used for scorpion. I think they would have been better off using sound clips from the game. So check out this latest Super Power Beat Down by Bat in The Sun and remember to let us know your thoughts. Who would you choose and did your choice win? Leave us a comment below or on our Facebook page

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