ThrowBack Water Guns (Video)

Man, this is a blast from the past. I was never allowed to have these types of guns because my parents grew up in the hippie era and believed guns were evil…Even ones that shot water. I remember my neighbor had a couple of these and we would run around the neighborhood with other kids blasting the hell out of each other as we played army. Nowadays you would be stupid to give your kids a squirt gun that looked like these because you better believe there would be some serious trouble if you did something like that. I think even back in the day there was some controversy over how real these guns looked, but obviously not like there would be today.

I definitely think there are not enough kids going outside to play and use their imagination. Sure running around with fake guns and water grenades wasn’t the most creative thing to do but we had a great time and we weren’t stuck inside all day staring at an Ipad or TV screen. The irony of all that is that now to make my living all I do is stare at a screen all day….hmmmm. Maybe I’ll head outside and play army with my son, but you bet your ass it won’t be with not realistic looking squirt gun.

Anyways check out this awesome throwback commercial from the 80’s and be sure to leave us a comment. Did you have any of these as a kid or do you still have some of these now? Let us know below or on our Facebook page.

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