Marvel Super Heroes: Maximum Overload

So Marvel released a Lego inspired mini sires titles “Marvel Super Heroes: Maximum Overload.” I assume that this is supposed to coincide with the release of their new video game Lego: Marve Super Heroes that was released late last month. So far there are only 5 episodes that run about 5-6 minutes long. When taken in context, Maximum Overload is actually a very well made mini series. The CG animation quality and voice acting is very well done, and that Lego sense of humor comes across excellently. This is obviously targeted to younger audiences but I think any Marvel fan will find something to enjoy about it.

It’s really cool to see these different Lego incarnations of our favorite Marvel heroes and villains all in one place, but that brings me to the criticism. I don’t understand why Marvel can’t do something like this but in a more mature setting. Audiences have been asking for crossover TV series, and movies for years. We got our first Avengers movie a few years ago, but with Movies like X-Men and Spider-Man being owned by other studios those hero crossovers don’t seem very likely anytime soon. I think it would be easy for Marvel to make a mini series or strait to DVD animation that could combine our favorite heroes and villains a lot like Maximum Overload has.

Also, when did Loki become the most powerful villain in the Marvel universe? It seems like he is there go to villain no just like Iron Man and Thor are their go to heroes. I understand this all stems from the popularity of their big screen counter parts, but for us long time Marvel fans it’s a little hard to swallow. My final gripe with Marvel and Maximum Overload is the treatment of my favorite hero Spider-Man. It seems one of the world’s most iconic heroes has become nothing more than Marvel’s whipping boy. They make him seem like a dumb ass kid, who other heroes don’t take seriously, and is S.H.I.E.L.D.S. little fan boy. This is a far cry from the Amazing Spider-Man that we all grew up with. Sure he was an “angsty” teenager, but he was far from the dumb ass he is in this and other Marvel projects as of late.

Again, keeping Marvel Super Heroes: Maximum Overload in perspective and understanding who their target audience is, I think this is a definite win and worth a watch. If you have kids, they’re going to love it and if you don’t I still think it’s worth your time. So check out episode #1 down below and visit Marvel’s YouTube page for the rest of the episodes. As always we want to know your thoughts. Leave us a comment below or on our Facebook page.

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