How Return Of The Jedi Should Have Ended (Video)

This as an oldie but a goodie. I always wonder if George Lucas and other directors ever listen to the criticism of their fans or if they just give us a big FUCK YOU and do what they want anyways. It kind of seems like the latter but hopefully with J.J. Abrams directing the next Star Wars film we as fans will finally get the movie we’ve been hoping to see since 1983. One can only hope I guess. Anyways this short video is a pretty funny animation that brings up some interesting changes to some of the plot points in Return of the Jedi.

Not to mention they point out some of the obviously big mistakes that Mr. George Lucas made by adding in extra footage to his original series. How Return Of The Jedi Should Have Ended was created by HISHEdotcom and good for a few laughs. Give it a watch and let us know what you think. Did you ever wonder about some of these questionable plot points in the Star Wars movie? Leave us a comment below or on our Facebook page.

……Poor Boba Fett


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