History of The Goomba (Video)

I don’t any of us have ever really given much thought to the lowly Goomba from the Super Mario Brothers games, but would any of those games be the same without them? Well believe it or not the Goomba almost didn’t happen. I think the Goomba is a perfect example of how a peripheral character made just the right impact to not be distracting but was influential enough that we couldn’t image playing any of those games without them in it.

GameExplain made an awesome video that has a lot of interesting facts about the unsung heroes of the Super Mario world; The Goomba. I’m sure most of us that grew up in the late 80s and early 90s have some very fond memories of Mario and his adventures, but lets take a moment to appreciate one of the simple enemies that made and continue to make the Mario games so great! i think it’s important to learn about where we came from whenever we have the chance so that we can appreciate where we are now.

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