Child’s Play Prank (Video)

Lately some of these pranks that have been going viral are pretty creative and elaborate. This prank was done to promote the release of “The Curse of Chucky” movie on the Brazilian hidden camera show The Silvio Santos Program. As you will see in the video their crew dressed up a little person as Chucky and hid him inside a fake bus stop ad. They waited for unsuspecting victims to sit down at said bus stop and then the fun began. Most of these are pretty funny, but I always have a hard time laughing when little kids get scared like that. I try to put myself in the situation as a parent and that little guy dressed as Chucky is lucky he didn’t get himself pepper sprayed or tazerd  by one of those moms.

I mean it’s hard to tell how you would react when something like that jumps out and starts chasing after you, but I tend to get a little violent when I think my life is in danger. Anyways, check out this video of people getting the shit scared out of them by Chucky himself and let us know your thoughts. Do you think you would be scared and would you laugh it off after you found out that it was just a prank? Leave us a comment below or on our Facebook page.

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