5 Reasons NOT to Buy a PS4

Everyone has been asking me which next gen console will I be purchasing on launch day. My answer to them is neither. There is a lot to be said about being an early adopter but there are several things as well that just aren’t that appealing to me about it. Though I look forward to the day when either the PS4 or Xbox One takes over as my main entertainment system I have my reasons for waiting. Is it because I’m broke and can’t afford one…Yes, but I wrote this list because I’d rather look like a pretentious douche than seem poor…Even though I just told you that I’m broke.

In all seriousness though I hope this list helps you guys make an informed decision when it comes to buying your next gaming console. Ok, on to the list. This was titled 5 reasons NOT to buy a PS4 but it works for both Next Gen consoles equally as well.

Reason # 1: Hardware Problems
For those of you that read my earlier post you know that the PS4 has not come without it’s share of problems. If you haven’t then Click Here. Also, think back to the launch of the Xbox 360 and all the problems it had. Give it 6 months to a year before they start shipping the new set of consoles that will have updated hardware or patches for their faulty software.

Reason # 2: Lack Of Backwards Compatibility
This was kind of expected with this set of next gen consoles but that doesn’t mean I have to be happy about it. Neither the Xbox One or PS4 are going to have backwards compatibility making your current game library absolutely useless unless of course you want to buy your old games again as digital downloads. For now the last gen systems aren’t obsolete just yet and this gives you
more time to enjoy your old friends (games).

Reason #3: Lack of Launch Launch Titles
Usually when new gaming consoles launch there are maybe 1 or 2 really big games at best to go along with them but the rest of the titles can usually be owned on current gen consoles and honestly don’t look that much better on a next gen. Even if they do look a million times better, you haven’t seen it so you don’t even know what you’re missing. This time around we were promised an awesome looking game exclusive to next gen consoles and at the last minute it go pulled for more development time…I’m lookin at you Watch Dogs. Again, give it a while until we start to see more games that we are actually interested in playing come to PS4 or Xbox One.

Reason #4: Avoiding Fights and Scams
Hundreds of thousands of people try to fight the crowds on launch day for these things only to end up getting in a fight and leaving empty handed. Not to mention the shit heads out there that buy up a bunch of consoles and try to sell them online for way over the retail price. Don’t get scammed and don’t get your ass kicked over a gaming console. Definitely not worth it.

Reason #5: Eventual Price Drop
It’s no surprise that to be an early adopter you have to pay more to experience these things before everyone else. However, for those of us that can stand to wait a while we usually wind up getting the best deal for our dollar. This time next year the consoles will be cheaper and come packaged in a sweet little bundle with some other awesome goodies. So I’m not telling you guys to NEVER buy one, I’m just saying that I personally would wait…But it’s your money and you’re free to do what you want.

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