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How Return Of The Jedi Should Have Ended (Video)

This as an oldie but a goodie. I always wonder if George Lucas and other directors ever listen to the criticism of their fans or if they just give us a big FUCK YOU and do what they want anyways. It kind of seems like the latter but hopefully with J.J. Abrams directing the next Star Wars film we as fans will finally get the movie we’ve been hoping to see since 1983. One can only hope I guess. Anyways this short video is a pretty funny animation that brings up some interesting changes to some of the plot points in Return of the Jedi.

Not to mention they point out some of the obviously big mistakes that Mr. George Lucas made by adding in extra footage to his original series. How Return Of The Jedi Should Have Ended was created by HISHEdotcom and good for a few laughs. Give it a watch and let us know what you think. Did you ever wonder about some of these questionable plot points in the Star Wars movie? Leave us a comment below or on our Facebook page.

……Poor Boba Fett


Azarkant 3D Short Film (Video)

This is an awesome short film done entirely in 3D animation and made from a home computer. The attention to detail is amazing and Azarkant feels like a mix between Halo (obviously), Prometheus, and Dead Space…Which as we all know got most of their influences from Alien. The music and sound effects are great and really give you the feel of being isolated in space. However, some of the gun sounds were a little washed out which could be attributed to the silence of space, but then other sound effects that shouldn’t be heard either were crystal clear.

The reason these films are so heavily copied in this film is because Azarkant is actually an ode to the artists favorite sci-fi films. I think the only issue I had with the actual animation was some of the body proportions, particularly in the neck and head region were a little off. While the texturing and lighting were spot on I think some work could have been done to fix some of the character models…Especially the main character. However, that is a minor nit pick when you consider that this was done on “pure enthusiasm and in his spare time“.

All in all this movie is pretty amazing especially for something that didn’t have a big Hollywood or gaming budget. Anyways check out the 8 minute short film Azarkant and let us know your thoughts. Would you like to see more from the creator and did this inspire you to go and make your own artistic creation? Leave us a comment below or on our Facebook Page.

Scarlet Witch Confirmed for Avengers 2

So it’s not that surprising to find out that the Scarlet Witch will be in the next Avengers movie especially since her comic book twin brother Quick Silver being played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson was announced a couple weeks ago. The big news however is that Scarlet Witch will be played by none other than actress Elizabeth Olsen! That’s right, the younger sister of the famed Olsen twins will be joining the Avengers to take on Ultron.

The interesting coincidence is that Aaron Johnson and Elizabeth Olson are also costaring in the upcoming Godzilla remake. There they will play a husband and wife pair as opposed to twin siblings. Some of you might remember that Mr. Samuel L. Jackson let that cat out of the bag about a month ago that Elizabeth would be playing the Scarlet Witch but not we get it straight from the official source.

Quote Elizabeth Olsen;
“We get to play husband and wife, and we get to play twin brother and sister. It’s also fun because even though in ‘Godzilla’ we play husband and wife, we don’t have a lot of scenes together. I just love him, I love his family, I love his kids. I’m so excited … to actually work with each other. I think it’s going to be fun.”

So what are your thoughts on this Nerd Nation? For those of you that are familiar with Elizabeth Olsen’s work do you think she will do a good job and for those of you that aren’t do you think they could have picked someone better? Let us know your thoughts by leaving us a comment below or on our Facebook page.