X-Men: Days of Future Past Official Trailer

Ever since I started hearing about the cast for this movie I was a little skeptical about how Brian Singer would fit them all into one film. Then I read that the costume designer from the first two X-men movies was going to be making the costumes for this new film and I shook my head. Then we saw our first pictures of the Sentinal (which is conveniently absent from this trailer) and I knew it was doomed.

Now they have released the first official trailer for the film and I’m sorry but not surprised to say that there is nothing about this trailer that makes the movie look interesting to me at all. I think the one kind of cool thing is that we see Bishop and big ass gun but then we don’t see Magneto wearing his awesome helmet and costume that they hyped up so much from the last film. I mean this really looks to me like they made another Wolverine movie, even though we just got one of those and it did OK.

I hate to be so negative about the X-Men because when it comes to the comics, figures, and TV show I love them. But I just think that this looks like another X-Men: Last Stand. Anyways, we want to know what you think. Does this trailer look good and do you have hope for this movie or are you as disappointed about it as I am? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below our on our Facebook Page.

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