Weekly Favorites

Hey guys check out some of the awesome Halloween themed products that we recommend for you guys.

First we have some Bad Ass looking Assassins Creed Jackets that come in many different sizes and colors. To go with that you’re gonna need an Assassins Creed hidden blade gauntlet to complete your look. Next we have a very affordable and well made Legend of Zelda Link Master Sword and shield set along with a quality costume based on the Link design. Also, there is a really good looking Princess Peach costume for the ladies and some awesome Halloween bottle labels that would be cool for any type of Halloween party.

All of these products got high ratings, are very affordable, and usually come with a free shipping option. If you guys are interested in purchasing any of these products please use the links below or any of the other links on our page. No extra cost gets added to your order but it definitely helps us out. Thanks for your support Nerd Nation and let us know if you happen to pick any of these items up. We would love to see how they work for you 🙂

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