The trailer for the short film Keloid looks like something that jumped off the pages of a very well written Manga. This short film looks so much better than anything that has come out of Hollywood in a long time. The special effects look amazing although I think the lens flares and “Inception BWAAAAS” were a little over the top. Honestly though, I would love to see something like this done on the big screen. Obviously there are some heavy political and social undertones for this film, but they are presented in a very creative way. Here is the description and trailer for the short film “Keloid


In a not too distant future, societies of all countries come to rely on an intricate network of artificial intelligence devices designed to bring efficacy to man’s life. Yet, man continues to devour himself in useless wars. A strong political hierarchy now divides all powers into three factions, and A. I. devices rapidly gain ground as efficiency becomes a priority.

As social revolts grow worse everyday, authorities seek ways to control their citizens. They decide to carry out a series of tests that will determine not only whether some crucial powers can be transferred to non human entities, but also whether man is ready to yield those powers. The world has become a cell for all man and women, who withstand and endure their lives, rather than living them. Machines might have found a solution.

From now on, you are set free…

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