Captain America: The Winder Soldier Trailer

In case you guys haven’t already seen it check out the first official trailer for Marvel’s new movie Captain America: The Winder Soldier. I have mixed feelings about this one, because I’m not really a fan of Captain’s new look or the suit for Falcon. Where Tony stark had sleek and shiny state of the art technology, it seems like captain and his new sidekick have the government test models for their suits. However, the action and storyline in this one seem to be a bit more interesting and exciting than Iron Man 3 and Thor: Dark World.

Anyways, give it a watch and decide for yourself. In my opinion I think Captain America is going to get the best of the stand alone movies, but it remains to be seen. Check out Captain America: The Winter Soldier and let us know your thoughts by leaving us a comment on her or on our Facebook page.


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