Daily Archives: October 24, 2013

Oregon Trail Pumpkin

Throwback Pumpkin! What You know about dying of dysentery youngster???

Batman Trolls A Game Store

Imagine if the Dark Knight decided to visit your local game store in an attempt to purchase the latest copy of Batman: Arkham Origins. Now image if he were very angry because they had no copies or worse yet he showed a day before release. Either way it would be quite a scene and you damn well better hope that he doesn’t have you in his sights. This video is actually pretty funny. The guys at RI0T were filming a parody video and decided to make a quick stop to see if their pre-orders were in.

Great Job guys because this made me laugh pretty damn hard. Check out the video below of a game store that has bat’s in it’s belfry. As always, let us know your thoughts be leaving us a comment below or you can hit us up on our Facebook page.


Thursday Throwback!

Sorry for the lack of posts yesterday I had an emergency that I needed to take care of but we’re back up and running today for this awesome Throwback Thursday. Who remembers these bad boys? I had a ton of these as a kid!!!