Daily Archives: October 18, 2013

Portal: Survive Live Action Film

This is an awesome live action fan film based on the game Portal 2 from Colin and Connor. Even the voice of Glados sounds pretty legit. The special effects and camera work are really well done. This is probably one of the best Portal fan films I’ve ever seen. Here is some info on the film from the YouTube channel.

Portal: Survive! is a live-action short film based on the hit game Portal, and the tie-in comic “Portal 2: Lab Rat.”

Directed by Colin and Connor McGuire, this film was shot for under $500 at the YouTube Space LA.

Anyways check out this awesome short film and let us know what you think. Should they make more or do you think this could possibly make a good mini series? Leave us your thoughts below or in the comments section of our Facebook page.