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Fan Appreciation Week!

Some of you guys may have noticed our banner change on our Facebook page and was wondering what that was all about. Beginning Monday November 4th we here at Nerdgasm Needs will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary. We have had a ton of fun doing this and have met a lot of really cool people as a result. Things haven’t always been easy but we wouldn’t trade it for anything. We have received a ton of support from many of our beloved Nerd Nation and we wanted to say THANK YOU!!!

So starting Monday November 4th we will be giving away prizes at random to our loyal subjects…I mean fans 😉 on our Facebook page. You will have to watch the page carefully for instructions on how to win a prize. Some of the prizes include one of a kind artist paintings and 4 $25.00 Amazon gift cards. Right now we have one awesome artist that has been willing to donate some art for our give away but we are hoping to have more. We will be giving away one prize (depending on how many prizes we get) every day until we run out of prizes.

Every day we will have a different way for you to win so be sure to pay close attention to our Facebook posts. For example we might say “like, comment, and share this post and one random person will be given a prize.” Super simple and everyone has an equal chance at winning something.  Here’s the part I hate but we have to make sure that we cover ourselves from anyone who might try to take advantage of our contest.

Official Rules:
This contest is run by Nerdgasm Needs. Facebook, Amazon, and their staff are in NO WAY involved with this contest or distribution of the prizes. Only one prize per person and Nerdgasm Needs reserves the right to deny anyone from winning a prize. Gift cards will be given electronically through email and larger items will only be shipped within the U.S. Nerdgasm Needs is not responsible for any items that may be lost or damaged during the shipping process. Contest winners will be of our choosing and decided at random.

So if you haven’t already go “like” our Facebook Page by Clicking Here or use the Facebook icon on the side of our blog. From the bottom of our heart Thanks Nerd Nation for all of your support over this last year. We look forward to this next year and starting new projects that will entertain, inform, and meet all of your Nerdgasm Needs.

Super Pug Bros.

I don’t know much about Pugs, but this little guy didn’t seem too interested in recreating a Mario game what so ever. Still it made for an entertaining minute and a half. Check out “Super Pug Bros” by EinsPlus because it’s the middle of the day and you need something to break up the monotony of your day…This music really takes me back. I miss the old gaming systems.



Free Money in GTA Online

Don’t say Rockstar never gave you anything…aside from the greatest game of the year and countless hours of fun and excitement. Due to the frustration and headache that was GTA Online in the first week or so, Rockstar has decided to give us more than just an apology for enduring such hardships. They announced on their Newswire blog on Friday that $500,000 of in game money would be deposited into players GTA Online bank accounts as part of a special stimulus package.

The money could be deposited as early as this week and will go to any player that purchased GTA 5 and has attempted to play GTA Online within the month of October. GTA Online was launched at the beginning of the month and was plagued with tons of problems and even caused some gamers to lose their single player progress.

Quote from Rockstar Newswire;
“In order to keep the current worldwide in-game economy balanced, we will be providing this GTA$ to players via two deposits of $250,000. We will announce specific dates as soon as possible, but are currently hoping to be able to make the first deposit by the end of next week (after we’ve confirmed that issues causing game progress loss have been fixed) with the second installment to happen by the end of the month.”

Now that everyone playing GTA online will be receiving half a million dollars of in game money, I’m curious to see how this will effect the in game economy. Everyone will now be able to afford to buy themselves a decent place to live, a nice new car, and arm themselves to the teeth. Players have mixed reactions to this announcement but I think it’s a pretty great gesture on the part of Rockstar. As always let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below or on our Facebook page.