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Happy Halloween

Well the bar is looking good for Halloween and yes that is the extent of my pumpkin carving skills. Happy Halloween Nerd Nation!

Back To The Future Improv

This is a pretty cool video that took place in front of unsuspecting on lookers that brought to life a scene from one of the most iconic movies of our time. I think it would have been a lot better if they could have got an actual Back to The Future replica Delorean for this act, but for improv they did a good job. This would definitely be cool to see if you were out shopping or having lunch somewhere. It would definitely be unexpected that’s for sure.

Anyways check out this cool little Back to the Future improv video and let us know what you think. How do you think the crew at Improv Everywhere did? Leave us a comment below or on our Facebook page.


Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Nerd Nation! Have fun tonight but remember… 
Don’t over due it

Autobot Pumpkin

Bumble Bee you still look pretty heroic even in Pumpkin form! This is one Bad Ass Pumpkin, who’s up for the challenge?

Every Dog Has His Day

I can’t imagine this dog is loving his costume but I think he makes a pretty good At-At. If I even tried putting something like this on my dog she would have it torn off and chewed up in minutes!

Day of The Dead Pumpkin

This awesome pumpkin art comes from Silje Aas! Definitely wish I had the skill and or patience to do something like this for Halloween. Thanks Silje for letting us share your picture 🙂

Giant Microbes

GIANTmicrobes Have you ever wanted to give someone a deadly disease or even a computer virus all in the name of fun? Of course you have so why not check out Giant Microbes?!?! These adorable plush Microbes come in many different forms from deadly bacteria to computer viruses. Give the person you love a plush version of the Black Plague or Mad Cow Disease. These are perfect for gag gifts or learning tools. Want to send someone a get well gift, then why not sent them a healthy white blood cell plush? Definitely a creative gift idea for anyone!

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The Walking Dead Game Season 2

The sequel to Telltale’s game of the year The Walking Dead is on it’s way to PC and Mac later on this year. So far no release date has been announced for home consoles. The Walking Dead: Season 2 continues to follow Clementine who we remember from the first game. I can’t say that i know much about the first game though since I only played a little bit of it.