Xbox One’s Official Release Date

After all the guessing we finally have an official release date for the Xbox One. Microsoft has announced that their next generation console the Xbox One will be available to the public on November 22. There was some speculation as to what countries it would be available in but Yusuf Mehdi, Corporate Vice President of Marketing said this;

Xbox One will be available on Nov. 22, 2013 in all 13 of our initial launch markets – Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, UK, and USA. Many more markets will follow in 2014.

This is definitely an interesting turn of events because most “experts” were thinking that Microsoft would try to make up for lost ground by getting the jump on the PS4 after their terrible marketing of the Xbox One. Well it looks like that is not the case. Not only is the PS4 going to sell for $100 less retail but it will also be available to the public 8 days earlier. As always we want to know what you think. Let us know your thoughts on this by leaving us a comment below or on our Facebook page.

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