Weekly Faves

In case you weren’t aware we are not only an avid Amazon customers, but Nerdgasm Needs is also an Amazon affiliate. Each week we will be bringing you our “Weekly Faves” of awesome nerd products that you might be interested in. We have featured many products in the past but it is nice to be able to share items that are relevant to what we are interested in and are able to receive a little money from as well. Once again we appreciate all of your support and if you are interested in purchasing any of these products then please click on the links in the box titled “Weekly Faves”. No additional costs get added to your order but we do get a small percentage of the sale 🙂

Check out these awesome Nerd novelties that would be great for a gift or just for yourself. Have a drink form your Game of Thrones Shot glasses, and rest them on their matching Game of Thrones coasters. Crack open that bottle with your very own Galactus Bottle Opener all while wearing your Adventure Time Fin t-shirt.
Our weekly faves will be posted all week on the right hand side of our blog and new finds will be posted each Monday. =============>

All of these items are found on Amazon.com but please be sure to use our affiliate links from our page. Thanks again for your support Nerd Nation and let us know if you pick any of these items up. We would love to see a picture and to hear what you think of them…Enjoy!

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