The Dark Knight Legacy

As most of you know I am huge supporter of fan films. I love that fans make short movies or films simply because they have a passion for the source material. The Dark Knight Legacy is a fan made film that takes place a year after Chris Nolan’s the Dark Knight Returns leaves off. Most fan films are usually plagued with bad special effects, camera work, and acting due to their severely low budget. However, I have to say that The Dark Knight Legacy is one of the best produced fan films I’ve seen in a while. Sure there is some rough dialog in some spots but that is to be expected.

The costumes aren’t at all over the top and I definitely think that works in their favor for this fan film. Even the Penguin is not your stereotypical fat man with a monocle. The best part about this film is the appearance of the Red Hood. His costume looked great and he was definitely ruthless like his comic book counterpart. There is a brief appearance by Nightwing but I wasn’t too impressed with his acting or goofy over sized mask.

All in all The Dark Knight Legacy is a really great fan film and I encourage you to check it out…Well look here, you guys are in luck because I just happen to have the video right here for you. Give it a watch and as always let us know your thoughts by leaving us a comment below or on our Facebook Page.


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