The Cybertronic Spree


The 10 year old me is going crazy right now. A friend of mine showed me these guys and I have to say that this is one of the most unique and awesome things I’ve ever seen. The Cybertronic Spree took one of the best cartoons EVER, cosplay, music, and threw it all together in one awesome Nerd stew! I will admit that their vocals need a little work, but hands down this is probably the best show you’ll ever see.

I mean Hot Rod on bass guitar and vocals, RC singing back up, Rumble on drums, Unicron playing guitar, and Spike leading the charge, what could be more awesome? I would think that they would probably get pretty hot in those costumes but they seem pretty comfortable in this video. If you ever wanted to be an 80’s cover band this would be the best theme to go with that’s for sure. So lets take a trip back to 1986 and watch as the transformers rock out at Nerd Noise Night 2013.


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