Ryse: Son of Rome Combat

There have been a ton of questions about the next gen release title for the Xbox One; Ryse: Son of Rome. First we were told that it was going to be heavy on the motion controls then that seemed to kind of disappear. Then we heard that the combat system was mainly going to consist of quick time events and that still seems to be floating around a bit but no solid conformation. Still, the developers haven’t given us any clear idea of what the combat or game play is going to be like for this game.

Yes I admit that the graphics for this game looks pretty sweet but there has to be more to this game than just the fact that it’s pretty. Aside from the game play and mechanics mysteries, another thing I really haven’t heard much about is any type of storyline. All I’ve been able to piece together from the trailers is that you play some sort of Roman soldier and you kill lots and lots of people. Now I’m not saying that is a bad thing but I kind of want some more detail on this before I run out and spend 60 of my hard earned dollars on this game.

Well luckily Xbox has somewhat heard our cry for answers and has delivered this 6 minute long video attempting to explain the innovative combat system for Ryse: Son of Rome. I only watched this video once and I’ll admit that I was a bit distracted at the time but I’m still not exactly sure about the execution of the combat system. Looks like a lot of slow motion deaths but nothing super innovative and no mention of the motion controls…weird.

Anyways, check out this official video for Rise: Son of Rome and let me know if you have figured out how we play this game. Leave us your thoughts below or in the comment section of our Facebook Page.


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