Nerf Sentry Gun

How many of us as kids wished we had some sort of non lethal defense system to keep our annoying siblings out of our room? I personally don’t have any siblings but I had a ton of friends who did and they hated having to defend their things from being “borrowed”. It may be too late for those of us that are grown up now but how many of us would have killed for a motorized Nerf sentry gun guarding our room?

Even if not used for defensive purposes you know you’ve had at least one or two awesome Nerf wars in your lifetime and this bad boy would have been the great equalizer. Hell, you’d be the envy of every kid on your block. At this point I realize that I would still totally want this thing to stand guard in my room today and would love to take it outside and show all the neighborhood kids who’s boss around here…Anyways, check out this video from Britt Liv as she shows off her awesome Nerf Vulcan sentry gun.

Also if you’re mechanically inclined then she actually provides a link with detailed instructions on how to build your own weapon of mass destruction…I mean Nerf sentry gun.


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