LEGO Robotech

I know what you’re thinking…When and Where can I buy this awesome LEGO set? Well unfortunately this is not an actual licensed LEGO or Robotech set. This is actually the work of builder Daikoncat who has taken his passion for Robotech/Macross to an awesome new level. Hopefully things like this motivates designers and toy companies to think out side of the box and look beyond the mainstream for inspiration. I could definitely see a limited run of these sets being made for collectors. I have to say the the armored VF-1S and the Max VF-1J are my favorites

LEGO actually does look to their fans for ideas for new sets or series that will be put into production. I know I would love to see something like this made availability to the public. I mean could you imaging if they ended up selling the Super Dimensional Space Fortress? That thing would be massive and a ton of fun to put together. Anyways check out the images below and let us know your thoughts. Would you like to see this actually put into production by LEGO? Leave us a comment below or on our Facebook Page.

Enjoy and click the images to enlarge them.

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