Batman Picks His Voice

This is an oldie but a goodie. I think it’s especially relevant now since we’re looking at Ben Affleck taking over as the Dark Knight. Doesn’t seem like there is much we can do about it, but now the questions remains what kind of voice will he choose to go with for his version of The Batman? I’ve enjoyed the parodies that like to portray Ben’s Bat voice as being Bostonian, but I think we forget how ridiculous Christian Bales Bat voice was also.

Anyways, here’s a funny video from College Humor as the Batman tries to pick out just the right voice to strike fear into the hearts of criminal scum. Oh and this brings me to an important question…What id you think of Bale’s Bat voice and do you think Affleck can do a better job? Let us know below or comment us on our Facebook Page.


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