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Canadian Prime

AUTOBOTS! Roll out to the nearest liquor store…Happy Friday Nerd Nation!!!

Need For Speed Movie Trailer

I honestly can’t believe that this is real. Seriously, I thought this was a fake trailer at first. It starts out as cliche as it can get. Apparently the main character lost everything that mattered to him and now he only has one option and that is to race fast cars. Oh and this time…It’s personal. I don’t know about you but that sounds like a pretty deep plot to me. All joking aside I understand that a movie made after a racing game probably isn’t going to have a very deep story line, but that’s just bad. I mean out of all the amazing video games out there that deserve a shot a being seen on the big screen, they thought Need for Speed was the best choice????

At the very least do something innovative with this movie that might give the Fast and Furious franchise a run for its money…. Anyways, check out the trailer for the new Need for Speed movie (not game) coming out next year. As always we want to know what your thoughts are on this so please leave us a comment below or on our Facebook page. Is this movie a GO or a No for you, and what game do you think should have been made into a movie ahead of Need for Speed?