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GTA 5 on PC

And they said it wouldn’t be available for PC…Who’s laughin now???


Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Online


If you haven’t seen the latest movie in the Dragon Ball Z franchise then we have a link for you to go check it out. The full movie is being hosted on the website Dragon Ball Z Legend for streaming. I didn’t need to download any special player, but the website is a little sketchy so be careful with what you click on. There are pop up ads and I got one that opened a new window on my computer when I click on the player. However, I did not receive any mal-ware, spy-ware or viruses. I wouldn’t suggest exploring the site, I just stuck to the movie. In fact, my friend and I both watched the entire movie without a problem but I just want to put that warning out there.

Also, the movie is dubbed in English which is very hard to find. Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods is out now on Blue-Ray and DVD around there world but there is no official English dubbed version so this is a really good find. So check out the full movie of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods by going to the URL address below and let us know your thoughts. What do you think of the movie and what do you think about them starting up another series that picks up after the end of this movie???

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Update: The movie has been taken down from the URL I posted and I received a “take down” notification for something I posted almost a year ago which contains a link that no longer goes to the movie…

GTA Fans Save a Life

The media really loves to villainize us gamers and the development companies especially when it comes to violent video games. They say that violent video games turns gamers violent. I don’t know how true that is, and I’m not going to sit here and pretend that I’ve done my own study to prove otherwise. However, I can only speak for myself and the people that I know very well. None of my friends or family have taken up a criminal career as a result of playing violent video games. We’ve played just about every GTA game released and quite extensively and to my knowledge no one has committed any crimes as a result.

I’m not here to argue about weather violent video games creates violent people, but I do want to promote a positive story that involves the media’s latest target Grand Theft Auto 5. I think that the negative is cover much more than the positive so if you feel so inclined please share this positive story about GTA 5 gamers out. Also, leave us your thoughts on this issue below or in the comments section of our Facebook Page.

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Weekly Faves

In case you weren’t aware we are not only an avid Amazon customers, but Nerdgasm Needs is also an Amazon affiliate. Each week we will be bringing you our “Weekly Faves” of awesome nerd products that you might be interested in. We have featured many products in the past but it is nice to be able to share items that are relevant to what we are interested in and are able to receive a little money from as well. Once again we appreciate all of your support and if you are interested in purchasing any of these products then please click on the links in the box titled “Weekly Faves”. No additional costs get added to your order but we do get a small percentage of the sale 🙂

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