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Grudge Match Trailer

So it’s really no surprise that Sylvester Stallone likes boxing or making shit movies that recycle the same storyline over and over again. I honestly thought I was looking at another Rocky movie for a second since there had been a confirmation by Mr. Stallone about another Rocky movie earlier in the year. However, “Grudge Match” isn’t a Rocky sequel. Apparently it is a completely different boxing movie about 2 has been fighters that meet in the ring one last time to settle a score 30 years in the making.

Just from the trailer I can tell that this movie is chalk full of terrible dialog, one liners and enough pop culture references to make you think that you’re watching an episode of “I love the….whatever the fuck decade that I love”. Aside from the 2 main characters played by Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro, there seems to be a lot of other celebrities in this movie including LL Cool J, Vicki Vale, Alan Arkin, and Kevin Hart. Honestly this might be one of the weirdest movie casts I’ve seen in a long time.

Don’t get me wrong I actually am a big fan of Sylvester Stallone and his work, but this honestly just seems like he had an old Rocky script lying around and just slapped a different title on it. Anyways, check out the trailer for Grudge Match and let us know your thoughts on it. Is this movie a Go or a No for you? Leave us your thoughts below or in the comments section of our Facebook Page.


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Mortal Kombat Legacy Season 2

For those of you that haven’t heard of or seen Mortal Kombat Legacy, it is a web based series that aired on Machinima and was based on the characters from the popular fighting game franchise Mortal Kombat. I think that much was pretty obvious based off of the title however, what might not be obvious was the quality of the show its self. We’ve seen plenty of failed attempts to bring the Mortal Kombat characters to life with 2 live action movies and a very short lived live action TV series.

Mortal Kombat Legacy on the other hand is actually what we as fans have wanted to see from a series. It is gritty, filled with action, and the characters can be down right ruthless. The special effects are pretty decent and there are some actual well known actors in this series. If you want to check out the first 9 episodes in season 1 then Click Here. The first season was mainly back stories and introducing characters. Season 2 looks to be the actual Mortal Kombat tournament. Here is where they need to be careful because it won’t matter how much blood they put in these episodes, if the writing is bad then it will be Mortal Kombat Annihilation all over again.

Now with WB digital distribution and a larger production budget behind them, we could be in store for something even better than season 1.
Mortal Kombat Legacy season 2 start September 26 on Machinima.

Well, we’re always interested in what you think. Let us know if you’ve watched this web series and what you thought about it. Who is your favorite Mortal Kombat character and do you think they did him/her justice in this series? Also, are you looking forward to this next season? Leave us your thoughts below or in the comments section of our Facebook Page.

Life Achievements

The world is your first person video game so go out and get yourself some real life achievements today! Happy Monday Nerd Nation!!!