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Geek Ink

Somebody really loves themselves some Gears of War. I have to admit that this one is actually pretty unique and wins points for just looking hardcore.

Click the image to enlarge it.

DragonCon 2013 Fan Video

This awesome video was shot and edited by Acksonl who has some really great shots in this video. I’ve never been to DragonCon but mark my words people I will make it out to Atlanta within the next few years. This awesome video really captures something special with it’s dramatic angles and slow motion jumps. The music really adds a nice touch and gives it a very magical feeling. There is some amazing cosplay in this video and it honestly just looks like a ton of fun.

I can’t wait to get there someday soon, but until then I will just have to live vicariously through videos like this one. As always let us know your thoughts and if you have ever been to DragonCon in Atlanta then please tell us what your favorite part about it was. Do you have an interesting story? Leave us a comment below or hit us up on our Facebook Page.


Jimmy Kimmel Trolled America

I think we’ve all seen the famous “twerking fail” video by now where the girl gets knocked into her glass coffee table and sets her yoga pants on fire. A lot of people claimed it was fake but most of America not only believed it but spread it to millions of other people over the internet. To be honest with you I did see the video but never really gave much thought to whether or not it was fake. I didn’t even pass it on since I had already seen it posted like 20 times.

Anyways Jimmy Kimmel decided to invite the young woman from the video onto his show and talk to her about what happened. Turns out, he knew what happened all a long because he was the one who created the video in the first place…Well played Mr. Kimmel. It just goes to show you how fast something can go viral even if it’s not true. So check out the video below to get the whole story behind the latest viral video and let us know what you think. Did you think it was real or were you one of the people who knew it was fake all along?


Happy Tuesday

Good morning Nerd Nation! Here’s a little Anchor Man wisdom for this random Tuesday 🙂