Titanfall Game Play Trailer

This video had gone around a bit earlier today but it was very low quality. Now that I got a chance to look at it in HD I have to admit that this game keeps looking better and better. It is scheduled to be released on PC and Xbox One. So far there is no word of it being released onto PS4. If it stays an Xbox exclusive title then it might be the only real advantage over Sony that Microsoft has except for possibly Halo.

I mean I personally don’t have $1500 dollars that I can spend on a PC gaming rig so my only other option would be to go for an Xbox One. I think most of you know that I haven’t been a huge supporter of Microsoft ever since this whole console war started, but Titanfall has looked pretty damn awesome since our first glimpse of it. Anyways, check out the new game play trailer for Titanfall and let us know your thoughts. Would you buy an Xbox One to get a hold of this game or is this great looking and innovative game still not enough for you to purchase one??? Tell us your thoughst below or in the comments section of our Facebook Page.

Enjoy the trailer!

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