Thor: The Dark World Trailer 2

I was never a huge fan of Thor but this movie honestly looks to be another good one from Marvel. It’s crazy what they are doing with their phase 2 movies preparing these heroes for another team up. It’s never been done on the big screen like this before and I personally love it.

So far we haven’t really seen much about Thor’s main enemy in this film and judging by this trailer it almost looks like the movie is more about Loki than Thor. However, since we know that Loki will not be in the next Avengers movie then perhaps maybe he really has turned a new leaf…or even…dare I say it…have to sacrifice himself in an effort to redeem himself to his people and his brother???

That’s just a guess so don’t read too much into that. Anyways check out this latest trailer for Thor: The Dark world and let us know your thoughts. Are you excited for this movie and do you think Loki will betray Thor? Leave your comments below or on our Facebook Page!

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