The Future of Cosplay

Cosplay isn’t new but the main stream acceptance of it is. Don’t get me wrong, there is still a very large majority of society that probably looks down on and makes fun of cosplayers, but as most Nerd culture things go it is being embraced by more and more people. Like everything else in the world I believe this is due to the accessibility of Cosplay made easy by TV and the world wide web. Now, there are hundreds if not thousands of Cosplay events held at any given time all over the world. Technology has helped expose the world to what was once known to be mainly for “losers and dorks.”

This leads me to something interesting I noticed over the weekend. I watched a show on the Sci-Fi network called “Heroes of Cosplay”. I’ve heard of this show before but was never able to catch it when it was on. I watched about 3 episodes and found it thoroughly entertaining. However, one thing I noticed is that the ones that consider themselves “Professional Cosplayers” are endanger of becoming the bullies that use to make fun of them for doing what they do. Of course this is not a blanket statement that groups all “Professional Cosplayers” into the bully category. However, this show did help solidify my opinion on the evolving cosplay community.

Instead of being friendly and supportive of one another I have found lately that people seem to have a problem with just about every type of cosplayer. If a woman shows too much skin she is considered to be a slut, and someone who is over weight “shouldn’t be cosplaying”, and if the cosplayer is a different race than their character of course people attack that as well. Oh and God forbid you wear a costume of a character you like but don’t know every detail of their back story. Those are terrible things and they are coming from the same group that got made fun of and picked on by society 10 years earlier.

As for the show Heroes of Cosplay, it is a sad day when something that brought people together has now become mainly a quest for fame and money. I definitely believe that people should follow their dreams and if it can make them money that’s even better, just don’t lose sight of why it was your passion before it was your job…I watched people go so far as to discourage others from cosplaying because they are not fit enough or their costumes don’t look professional enough. Now I understand that this is for competition and they are not necessarily talking about amateur cosplayers, but I don’t think they realize that the words they say can impact those who want to get into cosplay and possibly enter competitions as well. People are free to do and say what they want but for me it just seems sad that something that was intended to bring people with similar interests together has now become such a closed off elite group.

I’m sorry you guys for making this such a serious post. This isn’t the result of anything that happened to me and I promise I am not mad or hurt. This is just something that I have been noticing and thought that I would just put my opinion out there. By no means am I trying to condemn the show Heroes of Cosplay or target anyone specific. There will always be trolls amongst our Nerd Nation and that is something that we will all have to live with. I guess my point in all of this is that I just miss the days when things like Cosplay were done for the fun of it and anyone who wanted to join in would be embraced with open arms.

I honestly believe that the majority of cosplayers are great people with a passion for what they do, and the people covered in this post are the minority. I think it’s just good to take a step back sometimes and make sure that we aren’t the ones making this Nerd world a more hostile place. I would definitely like to introduce my kids to this world and I hope that when I do it is as welcoming and as fun for them as it has been for me.

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