Naruto: The Movie!

It’s Geek Week on YouTube so all of our internet stars are bringing out the big guns. Little did I know that NigaHiga is a huge Naruto fan. That being said he made a video wondering what it would be like if he made a Naruto movie. of course there is a lot of humor in it and even a small cameo from a character from one of my favorite anime series. The characters look goo and the visual effects are pretty cool too. It almost makes you believe that with the right budget there could actually be a true to the series movie…But then I remember what Hollywood did to DragonBall and The Last Airbender…

To be honest with you though this actually turned out pretty good! I mean the actual Naruto series does have a bit of comedy in it so this actually isn’t too far of a stretch. I always love to see well made fan films and this is pretty well done. Anyways check out the Naruto: The Movie trailer by NigaHiga and let us know what you think.


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