E-3lue Mazer Gaming Mouse

Mazer is another lesser known Chinese company that makes PC gaming equipment…at least lesser known to me. I assume the name is supposed to somehow get you to make the comparison to “Razer” which is a much more well known PC gaming gear company with much more expensive products. I was looking for a decent gaming mouse that looked good, felt comfortable and had adjustable dpi settings. I am not a hardcore PC gamer but I do play a few games here and there. Mainly I do graphic design work, sound editing, and blogging. I ordered this off of Amazon and it took about 2 weeks to arrive after being shipped out of China. I payed $21.99 and opted to use the free shipping option that was available at the time.

The mouse was packaged nicely and well protected. I was actually very impressed with the product packaging as it looked very nice and professional. The mouse it’s self was wrapped in a protective foam sleeve. As with the gaming keyboard that i reviewed a few weeks ago (Click Here to see that review) it did not come with any instillation software. It just came with a small brochure of other products made by Mazer, a little quick guide, and what I think is warranty info. However, it’s all written in Chinese so I’m not able to read any of it.

The mouse it’s self is USB plugin and comes with a decently long nylon wrapped cord. I like this much better than the standard cords because they last longer and don’t get twisted up as easily. Once I plugged it in the bright blue LED lights came on and it took Windows about 5 seconds or so to install the necessary drivers and recognize the mouse. I have to admit that it looks pretty damn cool on my desktop next to the gaming keyboard. the mouse is a good weight and doesn’t feel cheap at all. In fact it weighed practically the same as my old mouse that held 2 AA batteries inside of it.

It feels very comfortable to hold and has 4 different dpi settings that can be toggled through by pressing the LED lit button on top of the mouse. I have mine set on the highest setting and so far I really like the accuracy I get when doing image editing and trying to click precise areas when doing sound editing as well. It also has 2 buttons on the side near your thumb that allow you to go forward and backward when web browsing which is a really great feature since I do a ton of web browsing all day long. Also there is a scroll wheel located at the front of the mouse that is much smoother and quieter than my last mouse. I have had this mouse for about 2 weeks and so far I really like it.

Some of the only drawbacks with this mouse is the fact that it is corded and takes some getting use to. I had a wireless keyboard and mouse set and have now gone back to having both my keyboard and mouse wired again. Also, the LED lights are very bright which I like, but they do not shut off when the computer goes into sleep mode. It’s not really a deal breaker but something to keep in mind especially if you are a light sleeper and have your computer near your bed…Which I don’t have either. Also, the one I bought is covered in this weird rubber coating that I fear will eventually get ruined by the dirt and natural oils in my hand. They do sell other versions of this mouse and I’m thinking about getting one that is more the standard glossy plastic.

All in all the E-Blue Mazer Gaming Mouse is a really great mouse for what I use it for and considering that anything comparable will most likely cost you at least double what I payed I am very happy with this purchase.


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