Cyber Acoustics 2.1 Channel Speaker System (CA-3602a)

This is a review of the “Cyber Acoustics 2.1 Channel Speaker System (CA-3602a)”. As always I bought this item off of Amazon and it took about 7 days to receive using the free shipping option that was available at the time. I paid $46.28 which is probably in the middle price range for a 2.1 channel speaker system. I did a lot of research and looked at many different speaker systems before I finally settled on going with Cyber Acoustics. A lot of people use this system for different devices but I needed a good sounding system for my desk top computer to really help with my audio editing. Click on any of the images to enlarge them.

Here are some specs for Cyber Acoustics CA-3602a

Audio Format: 2.1
Total RMS: 46 watts
Total Peek Power: 92 watts
Wattage (Satellites): Each speaker: 10 watts/ch @ 3ohm @ 10% THD
Wattage (Subwoofer): 26 watts @ 4ohm @ 10% THD
Satellite Drivers: 2 X 2 in. high efficiency drivers with passive radiator
Subwoofer: 6.5 in. Power Pro Series driver
Satellite Dimensions: (H) 10 in. X (W) 3 in. X (D) 2.25 in.
Subwoofer Dimensions: (H) 9 in. X (W) 9 in. X (D) 9 in.

The item came packaged nicely and was well protected. Once I got through the packing material the box itself looked nice and had a decent amount of weight to it. Once I opened the box the 2 satellite speakers were individually wrapped and so was the sub woofer. The system came bundled with 4 main items; 2 satellite speakers, 1 sub woofer, and a small control module. the system is very easy to hook up and best of all it gives you enough wire to run the speakers with a decent amount of distance between them.  This was definitely a plus because my desk has 2 designated shelves for speakers that my last set couldn’t reach. I ended up having to keep them sitting on the desk top in front of the monitor. Not to mention they had no sub woofer so all the sounds that came from them sounded very flat.

Once I set up my Cyber Acoustic speaker system the control module lit up with a very nice blue LED. On the module there is an on/off switch, sub woofer volume control, a standard 3.5 mm head phone jack, and a 3.5 mm aux input for an MP3 player or other devices. The top of the module turns very smoothly to the left and right for master volume control.  The speakers are a glossy plastic on the outside and sub woofer feels like it could possibly be made of wood…hard to tell though. All that was left to do was play some music and get a feel for how the system sounded.

I have to say that I am more than pleased with the sound quality of the Cyber Acoustics 2.1 speaker system. I only have the sub woofer turned about half way up and the sound is awesome. Every song I’ve listened to and video that I’ve watched has a nice full sound to it. The lows sound great and the mids and highs are very nicely balanced through the 2 satellite speakers. I have had this system set up for about 2 weeks and have been using it for several hours a day. the speakers can really push the sound but I don’t need it super loud since they are only about 2 and a half feet from my head.

The only drawbacks that I have found with this system is the master volume control can be a bit touchy so be careful if your music is on and you try to move the control module. It has a tendency to crank the volume up due to the sensitivity, but it just takes some getting use to. The head phone jack is a little stubborn and I had to use an unusual amount of force to plug in my head phones. Also, the head phone volume is much lower than the computer volume so I had to turn the master volume way up. That being said, be careful when you unplug them and start running sound through your computer again because it will be loud. For me though I just use my head phones with my mixing board so it doesn’t really bother me.

All in all I think this is a great system for PC and gaming use. I know that some people have even used this system with their HD TVs but I don’t know if I would go that far with it. I am really happy with this purchase especially for being under $50 and free shipping. I definitely recommend the Cyber Acoustics 2.1 Channel Speaker System (CA-3602a) if you are looking for a really good sounding 2.1 speaker system for your PC or gaming set up.

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